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We offer for all types of companies, entrepreneurs as well as private individuals all relevant fields of consulting, which we fill out with distinctive specialized knowledge and a comprehensive approach. In addition to our classic services, we also offer a wide range of consulting and other services.

Classical services
  • Preparation of annual, group and consolidated financial statements
  • Preparation of special/supplementary balance sheets and e-balance sheets
  • Creation of revenue-surplus calculations
  • Financial and asset accounting as well as processing of payment transactions
  • Payroll accounting
  • Tax declaration for all types of taxes; e.g. annual tax returns, advance tax returns for wage tax and value added tax
  • Support in tax audits; including special audits of social security, external wage tax and value added tax
  • Filing of appeals and legal proceedings
Special tax consulting
  • Taxation of public authorities; in particular § 2b UStG (value added tax for legal entities under public law)
  • Request from the financial authorities for binding information
  • Expert in court proceedings on tax, commercial law or business management issues
  • Procedure and process documentation (in concern of principles of proper accounting)
  • Tax compliance
Tax structuring / Succession planning
  • Support in company acquisitions, new foundations (start-up), restructuring and succession
  • Development of business plans for start-ups
  • Integrated corporate planning (profit, balance sheet and liquidity planning)
  • Consideration of income and gift tax framework
  • Assistance with tax due diligence (examination for tax risks)
  • Determination of the Purchase price allocation for capitalization and depreciation in commercial and tax law
  • Accompaniment of restructuring processes to avoid unwanted tax consequences in the reorganization phase; e.g. creditor waivers, subordination as well as coordination with the tax authorities
  • Planning and implementation of inheritance law and inheritance tax
  • Support in real estate transactions
  • Tax burden comparisons; e.g. for investments, succession planning and alternative testaments
Public sector/ non-profit organizations
  • Support of Companies of a commercial nature (VAT), special purpose companies and public sector investment companies
  • Clarification of special VAT issues for companies and public corporations as well as associations, foundations and non-profit organizations
  • Advice on accounting and the preparation of the annual financial statements and tax declaration
  • Consulting non-profit organizations (charitable, ecclesiastical, technical-scientific or cultural institutions)
  • Consulting and ongoing support for sports clubs
International tax law
  • Review of foreign issues for the german tax declaration
  • Examination of cross-border value added tax issues
  • Advice on the profit delimitation for permanent establishments domestic and abroad
  • Transfer pricing and transfer pricing documentation; e.g. licenses, allocations between affiliated companies
  • Advice on moving in and out as well as on asset succession with international implications
Digital solutions

The business world is becoming increasingly digital. Therefore, you too should participate in this development to ensure the future success of your company. Take the paperless path and benefit from the numerous advantages!

  • Client portal
  • For a secure exchange of confidential data between our clients and us, our clients have access to our free encrypted "client portal". Via a secure and individual access for each client, data can be uploaded directly to our server by the client, or evaluations or documents provided by us can be accessed and downloaded by the client.

  • Digital accounting with DATEV Unternehmen online
  • DATEV Unternehmen online ensures optimal cooperation between us and you as our client in financial accounting. Exchange documents, such as incoming and outgoing invoices as well as evaluations of financial accounting or cost and performance accounting, digital and flexible with us.

    We would be happy to advise you on the conversion to DATEV companies online.

  • Digital human resources management with DATEV Arbeitnehmer online
  • With DATEV Arbeitnehmer online, your employees have secure access to their wage data. You can provide your employees with gross/net payroll, income tax statement, social security statement or current and individual information online.

Paperless, secure, promising - the future is digital. Take the next step with us and ask us for the optimal solution for your company.